Analytical and Testing

The development of new products requires not only material knowledge but also formulation expertise and testing capabilities. Testing of a final product or formulation requires knowledge of the end use characteristics and market needs. Our broad based formulation and testing skills as well as our equipment needed for characterization will ensure that your products will perform in their respective markets.

In order to properly test products, we extensively employ ASTM tests as well as in-house testing processes. Customers may also ask us to use their proprietary testing process when applicable or co-develop new tests. Our testing capabilities also include DIN, MPI, NACE, SSPC, Mil specs, ISO, GB, IMO, US Navy, among others.


Quality research and development requires excellent analytical and testing equipment. 1st Source Research is well equipped to serve you, not only with a large range of standard testing equipment required for specific industry tests, but also for full characterization of materials from the macroscopic to the molecular level. A sample list of some of our testing equipment is shown below. We have many more industry specific capabilities not present in the list.

1st Source Research Testing Equipment

Abrasion Scrub Machines, Tabor Abrasion
Appearance Colorimeter, Gloss Meter
Cure Time Dry Time Recorder (Linear and Circular)
Durability Salt Fog, UV Test
Flexibility Tensile, Impact, Mandrel Bend
Formulation Constant temperature/constant humidity room
Hardness Koenig Pendulum, Shore A and D
Viscosity Brookfield, KU, High Shear cone and plate
Other Many other pieces of equipment not listed

1st Source Research also has direct access to analytical equipment allowing us to provide fundamental material data. We are skilled at the operation of the analytical equipment as well as in the interpretation of the results. This type of information not only allows for faster research and development, but also produces results that will impress and excite your customers.

1st Source Research Analytical Equipment

DMA – Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
DSC – Differential Scanning Calorimeter
GC – Gas Chromatography
GPC – Gel Permeation Chromatography
SEM – Scanning Electron Microscope
TEM – Transmission Electron Microscope
FTIR – Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Karl Fischer Titrator
Microtrac Particle Size Analyzer