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ASTM Testing to Measure Washability Properties of Wall Paints

    Last month we outlined the performance parameters required for the testing of Scrub Resistance of waterborne architectural coatings. This month we will discuss a related test, washability. While scrub resistance is the ability of a paint surface to resist wear when rubbed with a brush, sponge or cloth, washability is the ability to remove stains

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    ASTM Testing to Measure Scrub Resistance of Wall Paints

      Waterborne architectural coatings are expected to deliver a high level of performance. Considering that these films are at most a few thousandths of an inch, these coatings are incredibly resilient. Over the next couple months we will compare and contrast a few related but significantly different tests for interior coatings. The first test we will

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      Fire Protection of Building Structures with Intumescent Coatings

        When exposed to fire, building materials lose integrity. Concrete can spall and crack exposing rebar, which can lead to structural failure. Wood is easily charred and will quickly loose structural integrity. Steel will start to lose strength at 400 °C. There are two main methods of fire protection, active and passive. Active protection systems are

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        Impact Modifiers

          Current U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s cost on the loss of infrastructure due to paint and coatings failure is estimated at over 1 trillion dollars. In order to combat this, according to Bloomberg (April 20, 2017), the current administration wants a trillion dollars’ worth of infrastructure work on the ground. Two hundred billion dollars will come

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          “Going from Strength to Strength”

            European Coatings Journal publishes technical paper authored by 1st Source Research CEO, Gerald Vandezande.  In “Going from Strength to Strength” Vandezande describes how a new additive improves performance in several key properties.  A new type of additive has been developed with the aim of enhancing several key properties of two-pack epoxies simultaneously.  Flexibility, adhesion and

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            Tradeshow Participation

            Western Coatings Symposium
            Las Vegas, NV – October 20 – 23, 2019
            At the Western Coatings Symposium, professionals from all over the world come to discuss the latest consumer trends and market needs for the coatings industry. It is organized by the ASCT, GGSCT, LASCT, and PNWSCT.

            Eastern Coatings Show
            Atlantic City, NJ – May 13 – 15, 2019
            The Eastern Coatings Show is the largest coatings show in the Eastern US, with 150 exhibitors. It is organized by the MNYCA, NESCT, and PSCT.

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