Serving the microbial market

Microorganisms have simple growth requirements which are easily met in today’s manufacturing environments related to coatings.
Biocides are used extensively in the manufacture of raw materials and paints.
Dry film fungicides are added to formulations to inhibit mold and mildew growth once they are applied.
A two-pronged approach is applied to develop plans of action for comprehensive microbial control in manufacturing operations.

Product Bio-protection

Microbiological assessment, challenge testing, efficacy testing (biocide stability), and dry film fungal resistance are all used to develop microbial resistance in paints and coatings and related products.

Industrial Hygiene

Operational flow charts are developed to identify possible contamination sources.
After a comprehensive manufacturing and processing survey, a corrective action plan is provided to give the customer guidelines to implement and manage an effective microbial control program.
This plan includes methods to minimize product exposure to contamination, training key personnel and follow-up site inspections/audits.

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