Research and Development of Materials and Formulations

Research and Development of Materials and Formulations


Latex Polymers

Latex polymers are formed through both the right selection of materials and the right processes. We have a fundamental understanding of monomers and other ingredients that go into the synthesis of latexes. This, coupled with in-depth capabilities in processing, allows us to produce a wide variety of products to suit your needs in water-based technology. In addition to material and process understanding, we have deep formulation understanding and skills that allow us to produce a variety of end use products that meet your customers’ needs. Since we have a wide array of characterization methods, we also have the capability to fundamentally understand the properties of the latexes and formulated products we produce.

Epoxies, Epoxy Dispersions, and Hardeners

Epoxies, epoxy dispersions, and hardeners have wide utility in a variety of market spaces. Choice of type and molecular weight of epoxy along with the appropriate hardener goes a long way in predicting final performance properties of the coating or article produced such as adhesion, flexibility, impact, and corrosion resistance among many other properties. Other materials can be added that adjust the pot life and cure time profiles at specific temperatures. Our team of experienced personnel can assist you in new product development and formulation that utilizes epoxies for your end use application.

Polyurethanes or Polyurethane Dispersions

Polyurethanes or Polyurethane Dispersions are primarily defined by the appropriate choice of polyol and isocyanate. At 1st Source Research we have the capability of designing the right polyurethane or PU dispersion by choosing the appropriate isocyanate, but also by using or producing the appropriate polyol. These polyols can be polyester, acrylic, or polyether polyols, among others. At 1st Source Research we can help you properly formulate PU products for your end use application, specific for the needs in the marketplace.

Alkyds and Alkyd Dispersions

Alkyds, alkyd dispersions and their resulting coatings can be produced to provide properties for a variety of end uses. Appropriate choice of polyol and fatty acid along with the desired process allow the production of quality alkyds at the desired molecular weight. These can be formulated into quality coatings through appropriate formulations. Our team of scientists is more than capable to help you develop and formulate new alkyd resins and coatings for your applications.

UV Cure Resins

UV Cure Resins allow for 0 VOC products that cure to produce high quality end use coatings for use on wood, concrete and various substrates in the printing ink market. Typical resins include epoxy acrylates, polyester acrylates, and aliphatic urethane acrylates among other variants. These can all be readily synthesized and formulated in to end use products in our labs allowing you to develop unique and versatile UV curing resins.


Nanotechnology is a current buzzword in the materials arena. There are attributes of this technology that can greatly enhance stiffness, toughness, and chemical resistance among other important properties. Our breadth of understanding of materials and our analytical and spectroscopic capabilities make us the perfect partner to develop your latest nano based product.


Hybrids also allow for new and differentiated materials. Combining resins by physical blending (compatible or not) or on the molecular level (covalently bound or simple blending) can lead to new and differentiated products. Similar to nanotechnology, hybrids, when formulated correctly, allow continuous improvements to materials for use in a large number of market segments.