Reactors – Lab and Scale Up

1st Source Research has a number of reactor types to provide you the right equipment to produce high quality products in the right quantity. Typically, we produce most of our products at atmospheric pressure under a nitrogen blanket or purge as required. These atmospheric reactors are typically glass and come in various sizes and shapes depending on the synthesis procedure required. Temperature control is obtained through thermally controlled water baths or loop controlled electric heating mantles. The reactors are fitted with condensers, agitators, and feed lines as required.

In addition to the atmospheric reactors, we also have four high-pressure reactors, all of which are capable of pressures of up to 1750 PSI. These reactors are especially useful in the production of VAE latexes. The reactors are glass lined and include appropriate feed lines and temperate controls.

Successful products can also be scaled up. Options exist for 3, 5, and 20-gallon reactors, with full-scale up capabilities accessible. We will aid you in scaling up your product so that it maintains its properties all the way through full scale production and beyond.